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Recent Publications Using PhosphoSolutions Products
Product Name Species Application Dilution Publication
Anti-RBPMS (guinea pig) Mouse IHC not listed Jacobi, A., et al. 2022. Overlapping transcriptional programs promote survival and axonal regeneration of injured retinal ganglion cells. Neuron, S0896-6273(22)00540-2.
Anti-FMRP (Ser499) Mouse IHC 1:200 Monday, H.R., et al. 2022.Presynaptic FMRP and local protein synthesis support structural and functional plasticity of glutamatergic axon terminals. Neuron, S0896-6273(22)00501-3
Anti-MAP2 Rat ICC not listed Naumov, A.V. et al. 2022. Restriction Checkpoint Controls Bradyzoite Development in Toxoplasma gondii. Microbiology Spectrum, 10(3), e0070222.
Anti-RBPMS (guinea pig) Mouse IHC 1:1000 Gu, L., et al. 2022. Rbfox1 expression in amacrine cells is restricted to GABAergic and VGlut3 glycinergic cells. Bioscience Reports, 42(7), BSR20220497
Anti-RBPMS (guinea pig) Mouse IHC 1:1000 Tsai, N.Y., et al. 2022. Trans-Seq maps a selective mammalian retinotectal synapse instructed by Nephronectin. Nat Neurosci. 25(5):659-674
Anti-MEF2C (ser222) Mouse WB not listed Canté-Barrett, K., et al. 2022. MEF2C Opposes Notch in Lymphoid Lineage Decision and Drives Leukemia in the Thymus. JCI Insight. 7(13):e150363
Anti-RBPMS (rabbit) Whale IHC 1:4000 Ruzafa, N., et al. 2022. Immunohistochemical Characterisation of the Whale Retina. Front Neuroanat. 16:813369
Anti-NCC (Thr53) Rat WB 1:1000 Kravtsova, O., et al 2022. SGLT2 inhibition effect on salt-induced hypertension, RAAS, and Na+ transport in Dahl SS rats. Am J Physiol Renal Physiol. 322(6):F692-F707