Beta catenin IHC

PhosphoSolutions is excited to announce the release of our NEW line of Cancer Antibodies that Work™.

Cancer antibodies from a producer you trust.

Cancer Antibody Flyer

For years, PhosphoSolutions has been a top provider of Antibodies that Work™ in the neuroscience field. We pride ourselves on the reliability and reproducibility of our antibodies and our unmatched customer support. We are now expanding our catalog to offer a complete cancer research antibody portfolio! The addition of these new products only increases our commitment to researchers: you can be assured of the same high-quality antibodies, guaranteed performance, and customer service you have come to expect.

Multiple Species and Applications: Cancer antibodies for all your research needs.

Our new cancer antibody lineup includes both mouse monoclonal and rabbit polyclonal antibodies validated in various applications including ICC, IHC, IP, and WB, allowing you to select the perfect reagent for your unique research. We continue to specialize in phosphospecific antibodies, and our new product line features many phospho antibodies to cancer targets, reinforcing our focus on research in post-translational modification.

Antibodies for all the hottest targets in cancer research.

We feature total protein and phosphospecific antibodies for dozens of proteins and protein families. Whether you study cadherins, caspases, catenins, or CDs, we’ve got you covered.

Beta and Gamma Catenins

Integrins, myosins, rafs, stats, TRPMs, or VEGFRs? We’ve got those too.

Myosin and Integrin

 We also feature antibodies for EGFR, IkBa, Paxillin, and PKC!


Anything you want – we’ve got it! And on the off chance we don’t offer the target you are looking for, please let us know! You can submit a suggestion for a target here. Or you can have us custom design an antibody to fit your exact requirements.

Oncoproteins and beyond.

We have added more than 400 new products for a wide array of cancer and cancer-related targets. In addition to oncoproteins, our updated product list includes antibodies for cell adhesion molecules, apoptosis, DNA damage and repair, kinase signaling, and Wnt signaling. We also offer global phosphorylation detection with our new general phosphospecific antibodies.

phospho antibodies

Blot and stain with confidence using our Antibodies that Work™.

In today’s over-saturated antibody market, it is hard to know where to go for reliable, reproducible antibodies. PhosphoSolutions continues to meet that need with Antibodies that Work™ made right here in the USA. After 20 years of building our brand in the neuroscience field, we are thrilled to now offer cancer researchers a product line of high-quality, trustworthy antibodies. We can’t wait to help you to your next big discovery!