ECM Biosciences is now part of PhosphoSolutions!

We are very excited to announce that ECM Biosciences has teamed up with PhosphoSolutions.

Phospho and ECM logos

ECM offers reproducible antibodies and so much more!

ECM Biosciences has over 25 years experience in antibody manufacturing, distribution, and sales, and we will continue to manufacture and test all products in-house. ECM's novel, high-quality products are useful tools for studies of cancers, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease, and brain disorders. The product line includes monoclonal and polyclonal primary antibodies as well as secondary antibodies, peptides, lysates, and antibody, ICC, and ELISA kits.

Look for our GOmAb Antibodies

GO mAb

Antibodies with the GOmAb designation are Guaranteed to Outperform! They have undergone extra-rigorous testing and are high-affinity binding monoclonal antibodies that have been validated to work in many applications - Western blot, immunocytochemistry, and ELISA capture. GOmAbs are Guaranteed to Outperform other commercially available antibodies!

ECM's product line is NOT changing.

We are committed to supporting you through this transition, and rest assured: you will continue to be able to order and receive the same great ECM products that you know and trust! By year end 2022, ECM will move its R&D, manufacturing, fulfillment and customer service to PhosphoSolutions in Aurora, Colorado.

Together is better!

By combining forces, we will be able to better serve your research needs. The addition of ECM's large array of highly validated, reliable products will complement the broad portfolio of antibodies PhosphoSolutions already offers.

Thank you for your support!

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