Education Resources

Read our in-depth articles on SDS-PAGE, Westerns, Transfer Techniques, and more!

SDS-PAGE Demystified

We explain what SDS-PAGE is, why we use it, and why there are so many buffers and pHs. Learn the science behind all those bubbles!

In Brief: An Intro to Western Blotting

Learn the very basics of Western Blotting: its origins, components needed, differences between transfer systems, membranes, and how the transfer happens.

Western Blot Transfer Efficiency

Protein visualization on your membrane can highlight both big and small irregularities. It is important to understand their causes and their solutions.

Top Ten Tech Tips

Straight from the bench! Read our scientists' top ten technique recommendations to maximize your Western Blot success.

Pathway Diagrams

You can download our free full-color diagrams depicting several key signaling pathways, including the GABAergic, glutamatergic, and dopaminergic synapses.

The History of Phospho Antibodies

Learn how phosphospecific antibodies have revolutionized the study of protein function.