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From technical support, to education resources, to ordering and payments, our team is here to help.

Education Resources

Our blogs and articles are packed with information to hep you get the most out of your antibodies. You'll find articles about basic techniques as well as tech tips to optimize your experiments.

Ordering and Quotes

Ordering is easy in our online store! We also accept orders via email, fax, and phone. We are happy to provide quotes to your purchasing department for our products and custom services.


PhsophoSolutions' protocols are our tried-and-true methods for success in the lab. These are the same procedures that our scientists perform every day in the validation of our antibodies.

Payment, Shipping, and Returns

Questions about shipping time, costs, and how to pay? Our team is on hand to make sure your transaction is easy and painless. Products ordered today can be on your bench tomorrow!

Pathway Diagrams

You can download our full-color diagrams depicting several key signaling pathways for free, including the GABAergic, glutamatergic, and dopaminergic synapses, and synaptic vesicles.

Tech Tips and Tech Support

Our technical support is provided by the scientists who created the antibody. From basic questions, to storage, to optimizing your protocol, we will get the antibody working in your hands.