Purifications from Pooled Serum is the Key!

We are dedicated to reproducibility. Look for our “Pooled Serum” icon. Each antibody with this icon is purified from its own pool of serum to ensure lot-to-lot consistency.

It’s no secret that reproducibility is a huge issue in scientific research. An antibody to a specific protein may work great initially in experiments, but when the same antibody is reordered, the “same” product in the new vial shows completely different results. There are several possible reasons for such anomalies. One of the most important aspects to consider when purchasing an antibody is to recognize that the same commercial antibodies are often available from many different suppliers; it is important to make sure that you are ordering the same product from the same company in order keep results consistent. However even if you have done this, you may still see lot-to-lot variation of the same product. This happens because many commercial antibody companies purify different lots from different bleeds of an animal or even from an entirely different animal altogether. With such variability, it is no wonder that reproducibility is a problem. An example of how antibody signal strength and specificity can vary across bleeds from the same rabbit is shown below:


We believe that there is a very straightforward fix to the problem of variability. Our solution is to screen and pool all of the serum collected from the animals before the antibody is ever released. We screen every bleed of every animal in western blots. If necessary, we then purify from individual bleeds to test for affinity and/or phospho-specificity. Once the bleeds with high quality antibody have been identified, we combine them into one, massive pool. Therefore, all antibody lots sold subsequently are identical, as they have all been purified from identical aliquots from the same, pooled starting material. With this practice, virtually all lot-to-lot variability is eliminated for polyclonal antibodies. Once the pool of antibody has been depleted, then that catalog number is discontinued and new rabbits are immunized and screened for future release.

Is this a lot of extra care to put into antibody production? Of course! Is it worth it? Absolutely! We are passionate about antibodies that work and feel that you deserve research tools that you can count on, time and time again.