Custom Polyclonal Antibodies that Work!

We will be with you through the entire process of making and testing your custom polyclonal antibody. Dr. Michael Browning, who has more than three decades of experience in designing and producing phospho-specific antibodies, is responsible for the design of the immunizing peptides at PhosphoSolutions. In addition, we are experts in purification and characterization of polyclonal phospho antibodies. We do so much more than collect and send you serum from your rabbits. We screen the serum ourselves, looking for the highest titer bleeds. We then purify the antibody over affinity columns made with the immunizing peptide, and characterize the antibody in ELISA to check for phospho specificity. After you receive your antibody for testing, we continue to work with you to optimize your signal and success.

For a detailed quote of our custom polyclonal antibody production service, contact us at [email protected].