Why Proper Antibody Storage Matters

Antibodies are incredibly valuable tools researchers use as signal tags or markers in their experiments to tell them about the location or level of a particular protein that they are studying.  Antibodies must be handled and stored with care to ensure they remain active and efficient in binding their target proteins. There is nothing worse […]

The Reproducibility Crisis

Recently I had a conversation with my mother-in-law about the difficulty replicating her chocolate chip cookie recipe and it made me think of the reproducibility crisis in the scientific community.  My mother-in-law makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and like many other women who have killer cookies, she has shared her recipe with others.  […]

All is good until you have goop!

We all know how sensitive and time consuming the process of preparing lysate samples for western blots is. You spend days, if not weeks, meticulously growing, treating, and harvesting cells praying that you don’t mess anything up. Finally you reach that last step:  lysing the cells. Right as you are squirting the lysis buffer onto the cells […]

Welcome to the Technical Corner!!!

As a hard working team of scientists, committed to providing researchers with the highest quality antibodies and customer support in the business we are happy to announce the start of our Technical Corner blog!! Our hope is to provide a space to share helpful technical tips for everything from working with antibodies and to challenges […]