A Parent’s Lab-Life Balance During Covid

As a biotech company, our doors have remained open to provide support and a research tool pipeline for scientists on the front lines of the crisis. As an employee, this stability was welcome. But like most parents amid the Covid-19 pandemic, the restrictions put on my life have made for tough choices, self-reflection, and re-evaluation […]

Our Commitment To Sustainability

Reducing lab waste and our overall carbon footprint is something we take very seriously at PhosphoSolutions. Within the past year we have taken numerous steps to shift from using Styrofoam and plastic packaging materials to more environmentally friendly materials. Corn is Better than Styrofoam Made from corn, our new Green Cell Foam shipping cooler has […]

SDS-PAGE Demystified – The Science Behind All Those Bubbles!

SDS-PAGE. You know the acronym. You run gels every day. You know what to do, but do you know why you do it? You load your sample, start the current, watch for the bubbles, see the blue dye front move down the gel. Have you ever wondered what is happening? We have the answers to […]

Antibody Dilution Recommendations – What you need to know!

When shopping for an antibody, most vendors supply a list of their antibody’s attributes: everything from species, to concentration, to clone. A recommended dilution is often one of the reported values. What does this number mean? How absolute is it? What does “recommended dilution” really mean? The recommended dilutions that are on an antibody product’s […]

5 Tech Tips For An Easier Western Blot Experience

Are you a researcher doing western blots? Would you like for your experience to be less painful? Try these 5 simple tips to make your next western blotting experience a breeze!!! Use A Lysis Buffer Containing 1% SDS Use a 1% SDS lyses everything, preserving proteins from protease and phosphatase enzymes. Additional cocktail inhibitors are […]

Q&A Session with The Addictive Brain

We recently had the pleasure to sit down with Dr. Chinmaya Sadangi (@theaddictivebrain) and talk with him about the importance of scientific communication and how he got so involved as a scientific communicator. Check it out! Thank you for taking some time to talk with us about the work do as a scientific communicator. Can […]

Why Proper Antibody Storage Matters

Antibodies are incredibly valuable tools researchers use as signal tags or markers in their experiments to tell them about the location or level of a particular protein that they are studying.  Antibodies must be handled and stored with care to ensure they remain active and efficient in binding their target proteins. There is nothing worse […]

The Reproducibility Crisis

Recently I had a conversation with my mother-in-law about the difficulty replicating her chocolate chip cookie recipe and it made me think of the reproducibility crisis in the scientific community.  My mother-in-law makes the best chocolate chip cookies ever, and like many other people who have killer cookies, she shares her recipe with others.  The […]

All is good until you have goop!

We all know how sensitive and time consuming the process of preparing lysate samples for western blots is. You spend days, if not weeks, meticulously growing, treating, and harvesting cells praying that you don’t mess anything up. Finally you reach that last step:  lysing the cells. Right as you are squirting the lysis buffer onto the cells […]

Welcome to the Technical Corner!!!

As a hard working team of scientists, committed to providing researchers with the highest quality antibodies and customer support in the business we are happy to announce the start of our Technical Corner blog!! Our hope is to provide a space to share helpful technical tips for everything from working with antibodies and to challenges […]