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Serotonin Transporter (Thr276) Antibody

We are the manufacturer of our Serotonin Transporter (Thr276) phosphospecific rabbit polyclonal antibody, affinity purified from pooled serum. Great in WB.

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Pooled Serum
Affinity Purified from Pooled Serum
Species Tested:
Mouse, Rat
Expected Reactivity:
Bovine, Human, Non-human primate, Sheep, Xenopus
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Host Species:
Rabbit Polyclonal
Gene Name:
Molecular Weight:
~ 76 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# p1700-276, RRID:AB_2492237
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The antigen is a phosphopeptide corresponding to amino acid residues surrounding the phospho-Thr276 of rat SERT.

The antibody is prepared from pooled rabbit serum by affinity purification via sequential chromatography on phospho- and dephospho-peptide affinity columns.

Biological Significance: ExpandCollapse

The serotonin transporter (SERT) recycles serotonin by transporting it back to the pre-synaptic cell. It is the primary target for most anti-depressant drugs and for stimulants such as methamphetamines. SERT is regulated by several processes, including a cyclic GMP signaling pathway involving nitric oxide synthase, guanylyl cyclase, and cGMP-dependent protein kinase (PKG). cGMP- and PKG-mediated SERT regulation requires phosphorylation at thr276 (Ramamoorthy et al., 2007). It has been suggested that although PKG is involved in the stimulation of SERT at thr276, it does not directly phosphorylate the residue, rather it initiates a kinase cascade that leads to SERT phosphorylation by an as yet unidentified protein kinase (Wong et al., 2012). Also of therapeutic importance, mutation at the thr276 residue has been shown to decrease the potency of a variety of anti-depressant drugs, (Zhang YW and Rudnick G, 2005).

Synonyms: ExpandCollapse

• 5 HTT antibody
• 5 HTTLPR antibody
• 5 hydroxytryptamine (serotonin) transporter antibody
• 5 hydroxytryptamine transporter antibody
• 5HT transporter antibody
• 5HTT antibody
• hSERT antibody
• HTT antibody
• Na+/Cl- dependent serotonin transporter antibody
• OCD1 antibody
• SC6A4_HUMAN antibody
• Serotonin transporter 1 antibody
• SERT antibody
• SERT1 antibody
• Slc6a4 antibody
• Sodium dependent serotonin transporter antibody
• Sodium-dependent serotonin transporter antibody
• Solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter) member 4 antibody
• solute carrier family 6 (neurotransmitter transporter, serotonin), member 4 antibody
• Solute carrier family 6 member 4 antibody


100 µl in 10 mM HEPES (pH 7.5), 150 mM NaCl, 100 µg per ml BSA and 50% glycerol. Adequate amount of material to conduct 10- mini Western Blots.

Storage at -20°C is recommended, as aliquots may be taken without freeze/thawing due to presence of 50% glycerol. Stable for at least 1 year at -20°C.

Product Specific Protocols

Western Blotting

Click here to view our protocols page for Western blotting and lysate preparation.

Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Western Blot: Mouse | Rat

Western Blot: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
29486157 not listed Lu, Q., et al. 2018 Abnormalities of the serotonergic system in diacylglycerol kinase δ-deficient mouse brain. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 497(4), pp.1031-1037.

Western Blot: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
27140629 1:1000 Zhang, Y.W., et al. 2016 Control of serotonin transporter phosphorylation by conformational state. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 113(20), E2776-E2783.

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