Periostin, C-terminal Antibody

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Rabbit polyclonal antibody

100 µl
Affinity purified
Rat, Mouse, Human, Chicken
WB 1:1,000IHC 1:100
Molecular Reference:
~93 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 1621-PERI, RRID:AB_2492205
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The antigen is a bacterial fusion protein equivalent to a 188-amino acid polypeptide from the C-Terminal region of mouse periostin which is comprised of six small alternatively-spliced exons.

The antibody is affinity purified.

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Periostin is a matricellular protein, i.e. an extracellular matrix protein that interacts both with other ECM proteins and with cell-surface receptors. Like many other matricellular proteins, the function of periostin is important both in embryonic development and in the remodeling of adult tissues in response to pathological insults. Periostin was originally isolated as an osteoblast-specific marker that functions as a cell adhesion molecule for preosteoblasts and is thought to be involved in osteoblast recruitment, attachment and spreading (Kruzynska-Frejtag A. et al., 2004). Periostin has since been demonstrated to be important in heart valve development and myocardial infarction because it promotes collagen fibrogenesis, inhibits differentiation of progenitor cells into cardiomyocytes and is essential in maintaining the biomechanical properties of the adult myocardium (Norris et al., 2008).


Liquid in PBS. Contains no preservative.

For long term storage –20° C is recommended in undiluted aliquots. Stable at –20° C for at least 1 year. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

Product Specific References

Bains, SN, Tourkina E, Atkinson C, Joseph K, Tholanikunnel B, Chu HW, Riemer EC, Martin R, Hoffman S (2012) Loss of caveolin-1 from bronchial epithelial cells and monocytes in human subjects with asthma. Allergy. 2012 Dec;67(12): 1601-4. PMID: 23004679

Periostin, C-terminal Antibody
Western blot of rat lung lysate showing specific immunolabeling of the ~93 kDa periostin protein doublet.

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