Park7 (DJ-1) Antibody


Mouse monoclonal antibody

100 µl
Protein G Purified
Rat, Mouse, Human, Bovine
WB 1:2,000IF 1:500
Mouse Monoclonal
Molecular Reference:
~21 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 1597-Park7, RRID:AB_2492201
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The antigen is a full length recombinant human park7 expressed in and purified from E. coli.

The antibody is Protein G purified from tissue culture supernatant.

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Park7, also known as DJ-1, is a member of the peptidase C56 family of proteins and is thought to function as a molecular chaperone. Mutations in park7 have been associated with autosomal recessive, early onset Parkinson’s disease (Bonifati et al., 2003). Recently, park7 has been shown to inhibit microtubule associated protein 1B aggregation thus leading to neuronal apoptosis (Wang et al., 2011).


100 ul in PBS + 10 mM sodium azide.

For long term storage –20° C is recommended in undiluted aliquots. Stable at –20° C for at least 1 year. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

General References

Bonifati V, Rizzu P, van Baren MJ, Schaap O, Breedveld GJ , Krieger E, Dekker MC, Squitieri F, Ibanez P, Joosse M, van Dongen JW, Vanacore N, van Swieten JC, Brice A, Meco G, van Duijn CM, Oostra BA, Heutink P. (2003) Mutations in the DJ-1 gene associated with autosomal recessive early-onset parkinsonism. Science. Jan 10;299(5604):256-9

Wang Z, Zhang Y, Zhang S, Guo Q, Tan Y, Wang X, Xiong R, Ding J, Chen S. (2011) DJ-1 can inhibit microtubule associated protein 1 B formed aggregates. Mol Neurodegener. Jun 6;6:38

Park7 (DJ-1) Antibody
Western blot of rat kidney lysate showing specific immunolabeling of the ~21 kDa Park7 protein.
Park7 (DJ-1) Antibody
Immunofluorescence of HeLa cells stained with anti-park7 (green) showing strong cytoplasmic staining and anti-vimentin antibody (catalog #2105-VIM) (red).

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