Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) Antibody

Our Myelin Basic Protein chicken polyclonal antibody is a total IgY fraction. Excellent for use in WB, and works great as an oligodendrocyte marker in IHC and ICC!

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Total IgY fraction
Species Tested:
Bovine, Human, Mouse, Pig, Rat
Expected Reactivity:
Most mammals
WB 1:5000IHC 1:500-1:5000ICC 1:500-1:2000 Don't see your application?
Host Species:
Chicken Polyclonal
Gene Name:
Molecular Weight:
~18 kDa and ~22 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 1120-MBP, RRID:AB_2492157
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The antigen is three peptide sequences conserved in higher vertebrate MBP proteins.

The antibody is total IgY fraction.

Biological Significance: ExpandCollapse

Myelin Basic Protein (MBP) is one of the major proteins of the myelin sheath surrounding axons in the nervous system. Since it is of relatively low molecular weight and high abundance the protein sequence was determined from purified protein over 30 years ago (Eylar et al., 1971). The protein is made by oligodendrocytes in the central nervous system, so antibodies to MBP are good markers of this cell type. However, transcripts from the same gene are also expressed in certain hematopoetic lineage cells (Marty et al., 2002). In the central nervous system there are there different forms of the protein made by alternate transcription from a single gene, which have molecular weights of 21.5, 18.5, and 17.2 kDa. Since the two lower molecular weight forms are very close in molecular size, MBP antibodies typically show two bands on Western blots, one at about 22 kDa and another at about 18 kDa.

Synonyms: ExpandCollapse

• GDB antibody
• Golli MBP antibody
• Golli MBP; myelin basic protein antibody
• Hemopoietic MBP antibody
• HMBPR antibody
• HUGO antibody
• MBP antibody
• MBP_CAVPO antibody
• MBP_HUMAN antibody
• MGC99675 antibody
• MLD antibody
• Myelin A1 protein antibody
• Myelin A1 Protein, basic antibody
• Myelin basic protein antibody
• Myelin Deficient antibody
• Myelin membrane encephalitogenic protein antibody
• OTTHUMP00000163776 antibody
• OTTHUMP00000174387 antibody
• OTTHUMP00000174388 antibody
• SHI antibody
• Shiverer antibody
• SP antibody


100 µl liquid. Contains 10 mM sodium azide. Adequate amount of material to conduct 10-mini Western Blots.

Recommended that the undiluted antibody be aliquoted into smaller working volumes (10-30 uL/vial depending on usage) upon arrival and stored long term at -20° C or -80° C, while keeping a working aliquot stored at 4° C for short term. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Stable for at least 1 year.

Product Specific Protocols


Neonatal rat neurons and glia cells


Rat Cerebellum

Western Blotting

Click here to view our protocols page for Western blotting and lysate preparation.

Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Immunohistochemistry: Mouse

Immunohistochemistry: Mouse
307710341:500 Gatto, R.G., Ye, A.Q., et al. 2019. Detection of axonal degeneration in a mouse model of Huntington’s disease: comparison between diffusion tensor imaging and anomalous diffusion metrics. MAGMA, Feb 15.
301176151:500 Gatto, R.G., et al. 2018. In vivo diffusion MRI detects early spinal cord axonal pathology in a mouse model of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. NMR in Biomedicine, Aug;31(8):e3954.
291754891:500 Gatto, R.G., et al. 2018. Diffusion Tensor Imaging Identifies Presymptomatic Axonal Degeneration in the Spinal Cord of ALS Mice. Brain Research 1679, 45–52.

  • 5 – Excellent (publishable, performed ideally)
  • 4 – Good (publishable, would use again)
  • 3 – Average (publishable, might use again)
  • 2 – Poor (unpublishable, signal inconclusive)
  • 1 – No signal (unpublishable)
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