Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein 1 (LAMP1) Antibody

Our LAMP1 mouse monoclonal antibody is Protein G purified. It is and excellent lysosomal marker an is optimized in WB, IHC, and ICC.

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Protein G Purified
Species Tested:
WB 1:5000IHC 1:2000ICC 1:500-1:2000 Don't see your application?
Host Species:
Mouse Monoclonal
Gene Name:
Molecular Weight:
~100 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 1030-LAMP1, RRID:AB_2492140
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The antigen is a recombinant full length human LAMP1 expressed in and purified from E. Coli.

The antibody is Protein G purified from tissue culture supernatant.


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Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein1 (LAMP1) is a protein that is localized primarily in lysosomes but may also be present on late endosomes and the plasma membrane. LAMP1 antibodies are therefore widely used as lysosome markers. It has recently been suggested that lysosomes are activated in microglia in the progression of multiple system atrophy (MSA) and thus play a key role in its pathology (Makioka et al., 2012).

Synonyms: ExpandCollapse

• CD107 antigen like family member A antibody
• CD107 antigen-like family member A antibody
• CD107a antibody
• CD107a antigen antibody
• LAMP 1 antibody
• LAMP-1 antibody
• LAMP1 antibody
• LAMP1_HUMAN antibody
• LAMPA antibody
• LGP120 antibody
• lgpA antibody
• Lysosomal membrane glycoprotein 120KD antibody
• Lysosomal Associated Membrane Protein 1 antibody
• Lysosome associated membrane glycoprotein 1 antibody
• Lysosome-associated membrane glycoprotein 1 antibody
• Lysosome-associated membrane protein 1 antibody
• OTTHUMP00000040663 antibody


100 µl in PBS + 10 mM sodium azide. Adequate amount of material to conduct 10-mini Western Blots.

Recommended that the undiluted antibody be aliquoted into smaller working volumes (10-30 uL/vial depending on usage) upon arrival and stored long term at -20° C or -80° C, while keeping a working aliquot stored at 4° C for short term. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles. Stable for at least 1 year.

Product Specific Protocols


HeLa cells

Western Blotting

Click here to view our protocols page for Western blotting and lysate preparation.

General Reference

Makioka K, Yamazaki T, Takatama M, Nakazato Y, Okamoto K. (2012) Activation and alteration of lysosomes in multiple system atrophy. Neuroreport. Mar 28;23(5):270-6.  PMID: 22343695

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