HSP60 Antibody

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Mitochondrial marker that works great in IHC!

Protein G Purified
Human, Mouse, Rat
WB 1:1000IF 1:500
Mouse Monoclonal
Molecular Reference:
~ 60 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 750-HSP60, RRID:AB_2715493
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The antigen is recombinant full length human HSP60 protein.

The antibody is protein G purified from culture supernatant.

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HSP60 is a member of the heat shock protein family which is thought to play a key role in mitochondrial protein transport and proper refolding of proteins imported from the cytoplasm into the mitochondrial matrix (Koll et al., 1992).  More recently, HSP60 has been implicated in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease (Rizzo et al., 2011).


100 µl in PBS + 50% glycerol and  5 mM sodium azide.

For long term storage –20° C is recommended in undiluted aliquots. Stable at –20° C for at least 1 year. Avoid freeze/thaw cycles.

General References

Koll H, Guiard B, Rassow J, Ostermann J, Horwich AL, Neupert W, Hartl FU. (1992)  Antifolding activity of HSP60 couples protein import into the mitochondrial matrix with export to the intermembrane space. Cell 68:1163-75.

Rizzo M, Macario AJ, de Macario EC, Gouni-Berthold I, Berthold HK, Rini GB, Zummo G, Cappello F. (2011) Heat shock protein-60 and risk for cardiovascular disease. Curr Pharm Des 17:3662-8.

Western blot of HSP60 antibody
Western blot of HeLa cell lysate showing specific immunolabeling of the ~60 kDa HSP60 protein.
IHC image of HSP60 antibody
Immunofluorescence of HeLa cells showing strong mitochondrial staining of HSP60 in red.

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