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GABAA Receptor α5 Antibody

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Rabbit polyclonal antibody

* This antibody is a replacement for our original catalog # 846-GA5C.  It was
produced by the same methods, using the same fusion protein antigen
in new animals.

Pooled Serum
100 ul
Affinity Purified from Pooled Serum
Species Tested:
Rat, Mouse
Species Reactivity:
Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Human, Non-human Primate, Zebrafish
WB 1:1000
Gene Name:
Molecular Reference:
~55 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# 846A-GA5C, RRID:AB_2797145
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The antigen is a fusion protein from the cytoplasmic loop of the ?5-subunit of rat GABAA receptor.

The antibody is prepared from pooled rabbit serum by affinity purification using a column to which the fusion protein immunogen was coupled.

Biological Significance: ExpandCollapse

Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, causing a hyperpolarization of the membrane through the opening of a Cl channel associated with the GABAreceptor (GABAA-R) subtype. GABAA-Rs are important therapeutic targets for a range of sedative, anxiolytic, and hypnotic agents and are implicated in several diseases including epilepsy, anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. The GABAA-R is a multimeric subunit complex. To date six αs, four βs and four γs, plus alternative splicing variants of some of these subunits, have been identified (Olsen and Tobin, 1990; Whiting et al., 1999; Ogris et al., 2004). Injection in oocytes or mammalian cell lines of cRNA coding for α- and β-subunits results in the expression of functional GABAA-Rs sensitive to GABA. However, coexpression of a γ-subunit is required for benzodiazepine modulation. The various effects of the benzodiazepines in brain may also be mediated via different α-subunits of the receptor (McKernan et al., 2000; Mehta and Ticku, 1998; Ogris et al., 2004; Pöltl et al., 2003).

Synonyms: ExpandCollapse

• GAA 5 antibody
• GAA5 antibody
• GABA(A) receptor subunit alpha-5 antibody
• GABRA 5 antibody
• Gabra5 antibody
• Gamma aminobutyric acid GABA A receptor alpha 5 antibody
• Gamma aminobutyric acid GABA A receptor alpha 5 precursor antibody
• Gamma aminobutyric acid receptor alpha 5 subunit precursor GABA A receptor antibody
• Gamma-aminobutyric acid receptor subunit alpha-5 antibody
• GBRA5_HUMAN antibody
• GC138184 antibody


100 µl in 10 mM HEPES (pH 7.5), 150 mM NaCl, 100 µg per ml BSA and 50% glycerol. Adequate amount of material to conduct 10-mini Western Blots.

Storage at -20°C is recommended, as aliquots may be taken without freeze/thawing due to presence of 50% glycerol. Stable for at least 1 year at -20°C.

Product Specific References for previous cat. #846-GA5C *

* Our original antibody, cat. #846-GA5C has been depleted and replaced with our new version, cat. #846A-GA5C. It was produced by the same methods, using the same fusion protein antigen in new animals.

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Centanni, S. W., Teppen, T., Risher, M. L., Fleming, R. L., Moss, J. L., Acheson, S. K., Mulholland, P.J., Pandey, S.C., Chandler, L.J., & Swartzwelder, H. S. (2014). Adolescent alcohol exposure alters GABAA receptor subunit expression in adult hippocampus. Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 38(11), 2800-2808. PMID: 25421517

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Western blot of mouse whole brain showing specific immunolabeling of the ~55 kDa ?5-subunit of the GABAA-R.

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