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Elk-1 (Ser383) Antibody

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Rabbit polyclonal antibody

Pooled Serum
Affinity Purified from Pooled Serum
Species Reactivity:
Rat, Mouse, Human, Non-human primate, Zebra fish, Canine
WB 1:1000
Gene Name:
Molecular Weight:
~46 kDa
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PhosphoSolutions Cat# p155-383, RRID:AB_2492085
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The antigen is a phosphopeptide corresponding to amino acid residues surrounding the phospho-Ser383 of human Elk-1.

The antibody is prepared from pooled rabbit serum by affinity purification via sequential chromatography on phospho- and dephospho-peptide affinity columns.

Biological Significance: ExpandCollapse

Elk-1 is a transcription factor involved in mediating gene transcription in response to growth factors (Hill and Treisman, 1995). Elk-1 is thought to be phosphorylated by MAP kinase at Ser383 and phosphorylation at this site is essential for the transcriptional activity of Elk-1 (Li et al., 2003). Phosphorylation of Elk-1 has also been implicated in synaptic plasticity in the adult hippocampus (Thiels et al., 2002).

Synonyms: ExpandCollapse
  • ELK 1 antibody
  • Elk1 antibody
  • ELK1 member of ETS oncogene family antibody
  • ELK1 protein antibody
  • ELK1, ETS transcription factor antibody
  • ELK1_HUMAN antibody
  • ELK2 member of ETS oncogene family antibody
  • ETS domain containing protein Elk 1 antibody
  • ETS domain containing protein Elk1 antibody
  • ETS domain protein Elk1 antibody
  • ETS domain-containing protein Elk-1 antibody
  • ETS like gene 1 antibody
  • Member of ETS oncogene family antibody
  • Oncogene Elk1 antibody
  • Tyrosine kinase (ELK1) oncogene antibody


100 µl in 10 mM HEPES (pH 7.5), 150 mM NaCl, 100 µg BSA per ml and 50% glycerol. Adequate amount of material to conduct 10-mini Western Blots.

Storage at -20°C is recommended, as aliquots may be taken without freeze/thawing due to presence of 50% glycerol. Stable for at least 1 year at -20°C.

General References

Hill CS, Treisman R (1995) Transcriptional regulation by extracellular signals: mechanisms and specificity. Cell 80:199-211.

Li QJ, Yang SH, Maeda Y, Sladek FM, Sharrocks AD. Martins-Green M (2003) MAP kinase phosphorylationdependent activation of Elk-1 leads to activation of the co-activator p300. EMBO J 22:281-291.

Thiels E, Kanterewicz BI, Norman ED, Trzaskos, JM, Klann E (2002) Long-term depression in the adult hippocampus in vivo involves activation of extracellular signal-regulated kinase and phosphorylation of Elk-1. J Neurosci 22:2054-2062.

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Elk-1 ser383 Antibody
Western blot of recombinant Elk-1 showing specific immunolabeling of the ~46 kDa Elk-1 phosphorylated at Ser383 in the right lane (-). Phosphospecificity is shown in the left lane (+) where immunolabeling is blocked by preadsorption of the phosphopeptide used as the antigen, but not by the corresponding non-phosphopeptide (not shown).

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