Having trouble finding an alternative to your discontinued Santa Cruz polyclonal antibody?? Below is a select list of antibodies we offer as alternatives to discontinued Santa Cruz products. Our selection of polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies is continually increasing so check back frequently and discover Antibodies that Work!!!

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Catalog # Product Name Datasheet Price (USD)
p175-523 5-Lipoxygenase (Ser523) $345
p1025-34 DARPP-32 (Thr34) $345
p1025-75 DARPP-32 (Thr75) $345
p1050-774 Dynamin (Ser774) $345
p1050-778 Dynamin (Ser778) $345
p1110-317 EphrinB (Tyr317) $345
p1110-331 EphrinB (Tyr331) $345
847-GA6C GABA A alpha 6 C $345
p1148-783 GABA B R2 (Ser783) $345
p115-4908 GABA B3 (Ser408/409) $345
p1150-41 Gap43 (Ser41) $345
880-GAT1 GAT 1 $345
p1160-831 GluR1 (Ser831) $345
p1160-845 GluR1 (Ser845) $345
642-GRASP GRASP pan $345
p170-5359 IFNAR1 (Ser535/539) $345
p180-386 MEK 1 (Thr386) $345
p183-3115 MEK 5 (Ser311Thr315) $345
2030-mGluR2/3 mGluR2/3 $345
2032-mGluR5/1a mGluR5/1 $345
p1516-1336 NMDA NR2B (Tyr1336) $345
p187-402 PAK 1,2,3 (p21) (Ser402) $345
p197-101 PARKIN (Ser101) $345
p197-378 PARKIN (Ser378) $345
p202-210 PLK (Thr210) $345
1340-RXRB Retinoic Acid Receptor beta $345
p1560-9 Synapsin I (Ser9) $345
p1560-6267 Synapsin I (Ser62/67) $345
p1560-603 Synapsin I (Ser603) $345
p1570-202 Synaptotagmin (Thr202) $345
p275-181 TAO2 (Ser181) $345
1210-TRa Thyroid Hormone Receptor alpha 1/2 $345
p1575-58 Tryptophan Hydroxylase (Ser58) $345
p1580-31 Tyrosine Hydroxylase (Ser31) $345
p1580-40 Tyrosine Hydroxylase (Ser40) $345