Anti-p70 S6 Kinase (Ser398) Antibody

Our Anti-p70 S6 Kinase (Ser398) rabbit polyclonal phosphospecific primary antibody from PhosphoSolutions is produced in-house. It detects drosophila p70 S6 Kinase (Ser398) and is antigen affinity purified from pooled serum. It is great for use in WB.

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Volume: 100 µL
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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Western Blot: Drosophila
PMID Dilution Publication
34795214 1:1000 Strassburger, K., et al. 2021. Ecdysone regulates Drosophila wing disc size via a TORC1 dependent mechanism. Nature communications, 12(1), pp.1-12.
26988032 not listed Tsokanos, F.F., et al. 2016. eIF4A inactivates TORC1 in response to amino acid starvation. The EMBO Journal, 35(10), pp.1058-1076.

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