Anti-Myosin Light Chain (Ser-1), Phosphospecific Antibody

Our Myosin Light Chain (Ser-1) rabbit polyclonal phosphospecific primary antibody from PhosphoSolutions is produced in-house. It detects bovine, human, mouse, and rat Myosin Light Chain (Ser-1) and is antigen affinity purified. It is great for use in WB, ICC.

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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

  • Immunocytochemistry: Human
  • Immunohistochemistry: Rat
  • Western Blot: Human
Immunocytochemistry: Human
PMID Dilution Publication
32502416not listedAguilar-Cuenca, R, et al. 2020. Tyrosine Phosphorylation of the Myosin Regulatory Light Chain Controls Non-muscle Myosin II Assembly and Function in Migrating Cells. Current biology : CB, 2446-2458.
22136066not listedBeach, JR, et al. 2011. Analysis of the role of Ser1/Ser2/Thr9 phosphorylation on myosin II assembly and function in live cells. BMC cell biology, 52.
Immunohistochemistry: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
37645613not listedYadav, P, et al. 2023. EZH2 and matrix co-regulate phenotype and KCNB2 expression in bladder smooth muscle cells. American Journal of Clinical and Experimental Urology, 293-303.
Western Blot: Human
PMID Dilution Publication
216952791:2000Aguilar, HN, et al. 2011. Phos-tag-based analysis of myosin regulatory light chain phosphorylation in human uterine myocytes. PloS one, e20903.

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