Anti-DARPP-32 (Thr34) Antibody

Our Anti-DARPP-32 (Thr34) rabbit polyclonal phosphospecific primary antibody from PhosphoSolutions is produced in-house. It detects mouse and rat DARPP-32 (Thr34) and is antigen affinity purified from pooled serum. It is great for use in WB.

Primary Antibody
Mouse, Rat
Bovine, Canine, Chicken, Human, Non-Human Primate
Antigen Affinity Purified from Pooled Serum
32 kDa

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Anti-DARPP-32 (Thr34) Antibody
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Volume: 100 µL
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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Western Blot: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
26947946 not listed Bonito-Olivia, A., et al. 2016. Differential regulation of the phosphorylation of Trimethyl-lysine27 histone H3 at serine 28 in distinct populations of striatal projection neurons. Neuropharmacology, 107, pp.89-99.
26657176 not listed Bonito-Olivia, A., et al. 2016. Involvement of the striatal medium spiny neurons of the direct pathway in the motor stimulant effects of phencyclidine. International Journal of Neuropsychopharmacology, 19(6).
26459714 not listed Del’Guidice, T., et al. 2015. Selective disruption of dopamine D2-receptors/beta-arrestin2 signaling by mood stabilizers. Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction, 1-9. Jun; 35(3):224-32.
26320830 not listed Beaulieu, J.M., et al. 2016. In vivo veritas, the next frontier for functionally selective GPCR ligands. Methods, 92, pp.64-71.
26240334 not listed Del’Guidice, T., et al. 2015. FXR1P is a GSK3β substrate regulating mood and emotion processing. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112(33), pp.E4610-E4619.
21946266 not listed Errico, F., et al. 2011. Higher free D-aspartate and N-methyl-D-aspartate levels prevent striatal depotentiation and anticipate L-DOPA-induced dyskinesia. Experimental neurology, 232(2), pp.240-250.
21372109 not listed Marazziti, D., et al. 2011. Absence of the GPR37/PAEL receptor impairs striatal Akt and ERK2 phosphorylation, ΔFosB expression, and conditioned place preference to amphetamine and cocaine. The FASEB Journal, 25(6), pp.2071-2081.
20720111 1:1000 Napolitano, F., et al. 2010. Role of aberrant striatal dopamine D1 receptor/cAMP/protein kinase A/DARPP32 signaling in the paradoxical calming effect of amphetamine. Journal of Neuroscience, 30(33), pp.11043-11056.
19181855 not listed Maiya, R., et al. 2009. Tissue plasminogen activator modulates the cellular and behavioral response to cocaine. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 106(6), pp.1983-1988.
18234897 1:1000 Niculescu, M., et al. 2008. Trk: a neuromodulator of age-specific behavioral and neurochemical responses to cocaine in mice. Journal of Neuroscience, 28(5), pp.1198-1207.
16954211 not listed Beaulieu, J.M., et al. 2006. Paradoxical striatal cellular signaling responses to psychostimulants in hyperactive mice. Journal of Biological Chemistry, 281(43), pp.32072-32080.

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