Anti-Beta4-Spectrin Antibody (N393/76)

Our Anti-Beta4-spectrin mouse monoclonal primary antibody from NeuroMab is produced in-house from hybridoma clone N393/76. It detects human, mouse, and rat Beta4-spectrin, and is purified by Protein A chromatography. It is great for use in IHC, ICC, WB.

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Volume: 100 µL
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Product Specific References for Applications and Species

Immunocytochemistry: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
385256001:500Konietzny, A, et al. 2024. Efficient axonal transport of endolysosomes relies on the balanced ratio of microtubule tyrosination and detyrosination. Journal of Cell Science, .
366046001:500Smalley, J.L., et al. 2023. Spectrin-beta 2 Facilitates the Selective Accumulation of GABAA Receptors at Somatodendritic Synapses. Communications Biology, 11.
354119841:500Wang, Y., et al. 2022. Glucose Increases the Length and Spacing of the Lattice Structure of the Axon Initial Segment. Microscopy Research and Technique, 2679-2691.
34534742not listedWang, Y., et al. 2021. The largest isoform of Ankyrin-G is required for lattice structure of the axon initial segment. Biochemical and biophysical research communications, 28-34.
32125730not listedJarjour, A.A., et al. 2020. The formation of paranodal spirals at the ends of CNS myelin sheaths requires the planar polarity protein Vangl2. Glia, 1840-1858.
29398366not listedJacko, M., et al. 2018. Rbfox Splicing Factors Promote Neuronal Maturation and Axon Initial Segment Assembly. Neuron, 853-868.
Immunohistochemistry: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
315911561:200Sozmen, E.G., et al. 2019. White matter stroke induces a unique oligo-astrocyte niche that inhibits recovery. Journal of Neuroscience, 39(47), pp.9343-9359.. Journal of Neuroscience, 9343-9359.
315329181:200Di Re, J., et al. 2019. Imaging of the Axon Initial Segment. Current Protocols in Neuroscience, e78.
Immunohistochemistry: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
327363741:250Werginz, P., et al. 2020. The relationship between morphological properties and thresholds to extracellular electric stimulation in α RGCs. Journal of Neural Engineering, 45015.
325531161:250Hanemaaijer, N.A., et al. 2020. Ca 2+ entry through Na V channels generates submillisecond axonal Ca 2+ signaling. Elife, e54566.
Western Blot: Mouse
PMID Dilution Publication
366046001:1000Smalley, J.L., et al. 2023. Spectrin-beta 2 Facilitates the Selective Accumulation of GABAA Receptors at Somatodendritic Synapses. Communications Biology, 11.
31910261not listedLee, M., et al. 2020. Ecm29-mediated proteasomal distribution modulates excitatory GABA responses in the developing brain. Journal of Cell Biology, e201903033.
299565861:500Dash, B., et al. 2018. Nonmuscle myosin II isoforms interact with sodium channel alpha subunits. . Molecular pain, .
Western Blot: Rat
PMID Dilution Publication
287857241:1000Kneynsberg, A., et al. 2017. Aging Does Not Affect Axon Initial Segment Structure and Somatic Localization of Tau Protein in Hippocampal Neurons of Fischer 344 Rats. eNeuro, .

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