NCC Thr53 Antibody

The thiazide-sensitive sodium chloride cotransporter, NCC, is the major NaCl transport protein in the distal convoluted tubule (DCT) and plays an important role in maintaining blood pressure (Rosenbaek et al., 2014, Feng et al., 2015). Phosphorylation of NCC at Thr-53, Thr-58, and Ser-71 is an essential mediator of NCC function (Rosenbaek et al., 2014). NCC is constitutively cycled to the plasma membrane, and upon stimulation, it can be phosphorylated to both increase NCC activity and decrease NCC endocytosis, together increasing NaCl transport in the DCT (Feng et al., 2015).

Made right here at PhosphoSolutions as a custom antibody, and released to the public due to high demand, our NCC thr53 is phosphospecific and reliable. Referenced in multiple publications, and validated in knockouts, you won’t regret giving our antibody a try!

NCC Thr53
Rabbit Polyclonal, Affinity Purified 100 ul p1311-53 $365.00

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