FOR NEUROSCIENCE RESEARCH: Anti-Rabbit and Anti-Guinea Pig

RBPMS (RNA binding protein with multiple splicing), also known as HERMES, contains one RRM (RNA recognition motif) domain and belongs to the RRM family of RNA-binding proteins. RBPMS exists as multiple alternatively spliced isoforms and is thought to bind RNA, possibly playing a role in RNA-related events, such as transcription and translation. RNA-binding proteins that are specific to retinal ganglion cells (RGCs) have been previously identified as excellent markers for RGCs (Kwong et al., 2010). Recent findings show that antibodies against RBPMS are robust reagents that exclusively identify RGCs in multiple mammalian species (Rodriguez et al. 2014).

PhosphoSolutions offers high-quality RBPMS antibodies from two different species making it easy to check for cross-reactivity.

RBPMS, rabbit
Rabbit Polyclonal, Affinity Purified100 ul1830-RBPMS$345.002,5,6,8,9,11
RBPMS, guinea pig Guinea Pig Polyclonal, Affinity Purified100 ul1832-RBPMS$345.001,3,4,7,10

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