NeuroMabFounded in 1962, Antibodies Inc. became a leader in high quality secondary antibodies. Its product portfolio was expanded in the 70s and 80s to include in-vitro diagnostic kits. Antibodies Inc. has been the commercial partner for the NeuroMab line of highly-validated mouse monoclonal antibodies, developed by the NIH-funded, UC Davis-based NeuroMab facility since the facility’s initial funding in 2005. Since its inception, the project has yielded nearly 500 antibodies, many of them knockout-validated on mouse brain.

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Aves Labs co-founder Dr. Gary Ciment was a professor of Cell Biology at Oregon Health & Sciences University, and looked to chicken antibodies after the failure of rabbit and mouse antibodies against a highly-conserved mammalian gene product. His success with chicken polyclonal antibodies resulted in the founding of Aves Labs in 1995, which has since pioneered novel algorithms for finding highly-immunogenic peptide sequences within proteins, developed novel affinity purification methods specific for chicken antibodies, and developed a host of other useful reagents.

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