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SDS-PAGE Demystified | In Brief: Western Blot Basics | Western Blot Transfer Efficiency

SDS-PAGE Demystified

SDS-PAGE. You know the acronym. You run gels every day. You know what to do, but do you know why you do it?
You load your sample, start the current, watch for the bubbles, see the blue dye front move down the gel. Have you ever wondered what is happening?
We have the answers to your SDS-PAGE questions. Learn the science behind all of those bubbles!
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In Brief: An Intro to Western Blotting

You’ve heard about Western Blotting and have maybe even done it in the lab. But following a protocol doesn’t answer basic questions about the origin of Western blotting and the components and apparatus used. This article is not an in-depth description of the science. It just answers your basic questions about how and why Western blotting came to be and the equipment used to perform the technique.
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Western Blot Transfer Efficiency: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

When transferring separated proteins from an SDS-PAGE gel to membrane, there are many potential issues that can stem from buffers, transfer systems, and membranes. Trapped air bubbles, lack of sufficient pressure, and damaged gels can all be culprits in an inefficient transfer. Luckily there are a few easy techniques to maximize your success rate.
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