Antibodies for Proteins at the GABAergic Synapse

Gamma-Aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the primary inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. Alterations in GABA inhibition have been implicated in epilepsy, as well as anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, schizophrenia, and alcoholism.

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Catalog #Product NamePrice (USD)
811-GA1CGABAA Receptor α 1$365
812-GA1NGABAA Receptor α 1, N-terminus$365
822-GA2CLGABAA Receptor α 2$365
824-GA3NGABAA Receptor α 3, N-terminus$365
845A-GA4CGABAA Receptor α 4$365
846A-GA5CGABAA Receptor α 5$365
847-GA6CGABAA Receptor α 6$365
850-GA6GABAA Receptor α 6$310
860A-GB1CGABAA Receptor β 1$365
862-GB2CGABAA Receptor β 2$365
863A-GB3CGABAA Receptor β 3$365
p1130-4089GABAA Receptor β 3 (Ser408/409)$365
868A-GDNGABAA Receptor δ, N-Terminus$365
830-GG2GABAA Receptor γ 2$310
832A-GG2CGABAA Receptor γ 2$365
p1130-327GABAA Receptor γ 2 (Ser327)$365
p1148-783GABAB Receptor (Ser783), R2-Subunit$365
p1148-923GABAB Receptor (Ser923), R1-Subunit$365
880-GAT1GABA Transporter (GAT) 1$365
881-GAT2GABA Transporter (GAT) 2$365
2100-VGATVesicular GABA Transporter (VGAT)$365