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PhosphoSolutions is proud to announce its new partnership with Davis, CA-based Antibodies Incorporated and Aves Labs, two providers of highly-validated antibodies to the research community.

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About Antibodies Incorporated

Founded in 1962, Antibodies Incorporated boasts a catalog of nearly 500 mouse monoclonal antibodies against critical neuroscience targets, many of which have been knockout validated in mouse brain. As an extension of this expertise, Antibodies Incorporated also offers a comprehensive suite of antibody services focused on enabling the discovery work of their customers.

Ankyrin VGlut2
Anti-Ankyrin-G (Staining) (N106/36)
Immunofluorescence staining of axon initial segments in adult rat cortex with N106/36 (red) and bIV- spectrin rabbit polyclonal (green). Image courtesy of Matt Rasband (Baylor COM).
Anti-VGlut2 (N29/29)
Immunofluorescence staining of adult rat cerebellum with VGlut2 (cat# N29/29) in green, and REEP2  (cat# N326D/2) in red and Hoechst nuclear stain (blue).

About Aves Labs

Aves Labs is well known throughout the research community for its catalog of highly-cited chicken antibodies. The catalog is largely focused on neuroscience targets but also features the extremely popular anti-GFP antibody. Researchers value not only the quality of Aves Labs antibodies but their custom chicken antibody services as well. The company has pioneered novel algorithms for finding highly-immunogenic peptide sequences within proteins, developed novel affinity purification methods specific for chicken antibodies, and is the world’s leading provider of custom chicken antibodies. Aves continues to develop novel antibody reagents against neural-specific antigens and epitope tags to foster scientific progress in the neuroscience and the cell biology communities.

Tyrosine Hydroxylase GFAP
Anti-Tyrosine Hydroxylase (TYH)
Immunostaining of paraformaldehyde-fixed (4%) paraffin-embedded sections of the substantia nigra pars compacta of an adult mouse brain. This mouse was engineered to have GFP expressed under control of the actin promoter, which explains the low-level green autofluorescence. Note the high number of dopaminergic neuron cell bodies in this brain region. Detection of the chicken antibody came from a Texas Red-labeled goat anti-chicken IgY (Jackson ImmunoResearch, 1:500).
Anti-Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP)
Glial Fibrillary Acidic Protein (GFAP) immunostaining (RED) of mixed cortical mouse brain cultures (Aves Labs, 1:500 dilution). Secondary antibody (Texas Red goat anti-chicken IgY) is from Jackson ImmunoResearch). The BLUE is DAPI staining of nuclei of all cells, including non-GFAP-positive cells.

Broader Range of Tools Now Available

With the addition of Antibodies Incorporated and Aves Labs, the combined team will be able to provide researchers with a broader range of tools produced in multiple species to advance neuroscience studies. As researchers continue to push boundaries, the team will be able to offer a toolkit to match, with highly-validated reagents that also open up new possibilities for multiplex labeling.

From the Team Leaders

Mike Browning of PhosphoSolutions said “We’ve worked hard over the past twenty years to build PhosphoSolutions into a company of customer-focused scientists dedicated to helping the research community with the best possible tools. I am excited to be working with Antibodies Inc and Aves because their high quality antibodies provide a perfect complement to our offerings.  Aves’ chicken antibodies give us the advantage to provide double-label opportunities for many of our most highly cited antibodies. Moreover the monoclonal antibodies at Antibodies Inc greatly expand our current Neuroscience coverage. I am eager to see all of our companies grow together.”

President Kristin Nixon, who has been with the company since its founding, will continue to manage PhosphoSolutions. She said, “I am thrilled to welcome the partnership of Antibodies Incorporated and Aves Labs, two respected brands in our field, and excited to work with them to introduce PhosphoSolutions products and services to their customers and their outstanding offerings to ours. We look forward to their support in continuing to provide researchers with the high-quality reagents they need to advance their fields.”

Will Fry, President of Antibodies said, “We are extremely pleased to have the scientists at PhosphoSolutions joining our team. Their outstanding antibody products add significantly to our offerings. They share our focus on providing customers with the highest quality products to advance their research. Our combined product portfolio enables researchers to obtain widely-used, highly-validated antibodies from providers they can trust. We look forward to offering PhosphoSolutions products and introducing new products and services to customers in the near-future.”

Take 20% Off Your First Antibodies or Aves Order

To celebrate our new partnership, Antibodies and Aves are offering PhosphoSolutions customers 20% off of your first product order. Research products at antibodiesinc.com and aveslabs.com and enter promo code MEETAI20 (Antibodies) or MEETAVES20 (Aves) at checkout. Offer valid through October 31, 2019.

Check out these highly-cited abs from the Antibodies / Aves / PhosphoSolutions Team

Anti-GFP from Aves Labs

Co-localization of GFP immunoreactive neurons (GREEN) and Tryptophan Hydroxylase-positive neurons (RED) in a tissue section through the midbrain region of an adult mouse.

Anti-PSD-95 from Antibodies Incorporated

Immunofluorescence staining of cultured rat hippocampal neurons with K28/43 (green) and K57/1 (red, Kv4.2), inset image is higher magnification of larger image (dotted lines).

Tyrosine Hydroxylase, Sheep
Anti-TH from PhosphoSolutions

Immunostaining of rabbit retina showing specific labeling of tyrosine hydroxylase in green.

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