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Trust your custom antibody project to the PhosphoSolutions team!

PhosphoSolutions' scientists are experts in antibody design, purification, and characterization. We also know a thing or two about phosphorylation. Whether you need a total protein or a phosphospecific antibody, our scientists can help with every step of the process.

With a focus on rabbit polyclonal antibodies, our scientists have decades of experience in immunogen design and will select the perfect segment of amino acids for the antigen peptide to ensure immune response and reactivity.

We have developed our own purification method to maximize antibody recovery and antibody specificity in the product. Also included in our service, we will characterize your antibody product in ELISA and even Western blot if lysates are available.

JP Arroyo and his team had PhosphoSolutions design an pre-pro-vasopressin antibody for their research of vasopressin in the kidney duct cells, and published in JCI Insight.

Kidney collecting duct cells make vasopressin in response to NaCl-induced hypertonicity.

Pre-Pro_Vasopressin Antibody

Arroyo JP et al.  JCI Insight. 2022 Dec 22;7(24):e161765. doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.161765. PMID: 36326835.


At right: Immunofluorescence of healthy human kidney. The antibody specifically labels pre-pro-vasopressin (white) in the collecting ducts (DBA, red), but not in the proximal tubules (LTL, green) of human kidney. DNA is labeled with DAPI (blue). Image kindly provided by JP Arroyo, Vanderbilt University.


 Listed below are recent citations using our custom services

Publications Using Our Custom Services

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