Biodegradable Packaging

Contributed by Kameron Simpson

Reducing the Waste

Reducing lab waste and our overall carbon footprint is something we take very seriously at PhosphoSolutions. Within the past year we have taken numerous steps to shift from using Styrofoam and plastic packaging materials to more environmentally friendly materials.

Corn is Better than Styrofoam

Made from corn, our new Green Cell Foam shipping cooler has the same thermal properties as a Styrofoam box. However unlike Styrofoam, Green Cell Foam is bio-based and biodegrades within 4 weeks in a moist soil environment. Furthermore, Green Cell Foam is compostable in any residential or commercial compost facility.

Even the Baggies Go Away

In addition to our new shipping cooler, we have transitioned to using GreenLine™ product baggies for shipping all products and relevant datasheets. The new GreenLine™ product baggies offer the same great zip lock performance as traditional plastic resealable bags, but they have been tested to biodegrade. These thoughtful green packaging designs have made PhosphoSolutions a leader in our industry.

Turning Green on the Inside

And we didn’t just stop at our packaging materials. Recently our Senior Product Manager became a Green Lab ambassador in order to gain more insight into how we can introduce, apply, and develop additional sustainable changes within our company. We believe that our actions will help inspire the many behavioral changes that are needed throughout the scientific community to improve the sustainability of scientific research.

Want to Learn More?

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Call us to learn how you can go green, too, and learn more about the My Green Lab and their My Green Lab Ambassador Program here.

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